Farming And Tips For Earning Gems In Growtopia

Growtopia is a fun building game that allows you to create your type of worlds. As you are creating the worlds, you will be able to interact with other players. You can ask those players to help you with the creation process or opt to growtopia cheats create on your own. As a new player, you may be wondering on how to earn gems to buy numerous features that the game offers. In this article, we are going to look at farming and other tips that can earn you a lot of gems in Growtopia.

Farming is a process that allows one to accumulate a certain amount of crop, for example, 50 trees, and continue getting more as time passes. In Growtopia, there are those crops which are farmable and those that are not. What is farmable? This refers to those that have an increased drop of seeds than other crops. You need to be careful about the crops that are not farmable. Such crops will end up losing your more crops instead of gaining. If you are a beginner, it is highly recommended that you farm blue or purple. However, now you may not have the 50 seeds to start off with, but don’t worry, you still have more options. It is recommended that one starts of small then goes big. There are numerous types of farming to a Growtopia player. If you are a player who is interested in accumulating as many gems as possible, farming is an ideal way to do so.

Apart from farming, there are still many more ways through which you can pixel games earn gems at a much faster rate. Some of them include the following:

* If you have the recycle tool, you can use it to recycle the dirt you will earn extra gems.
* Farm blocks and sells them.
* Help other players create worlds.
* Grass Production

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These are a few vital ways to earn gems in Growtopia. You can also decide to purchase the gems from the store using the money. Gems are important in the game since they will help you progress much further in the game.