Rules Of Survival – Collect More Loot Boxes

The Rules of Survival is one of the best games those are available in the survival category you can watch live videos about this game. In the game, players need to put lots of efforts for eliminating the other players. It can be possible with the help of weapons and other supporting accessories. The players will get weapons from the loot boxes on the battleground. At once you get the fully filled weapon after that you need to gather its ammo. The ammo are also collected from the battlefield.

With it, another thing is related to supporting accessory or items. These things are unlocked or upgraded by the players from an in-game store. For it, they need to pay an amount of funds. The upcoming paragraphs are representing the details related to the currency.

Know more about currency

The role of currency is very important in the game. The players need to collect the huge amount of currency for unlocking the beneficial items and upgrade them to increase the abilities. The game is including two types of currencies premium and primary. From the following points, you can get it easily –

Coins – the coins are the primary or main currency of the game. It is helpful in performing different types of activities. By spending it, players can avail the services from customization feature. The players can make changes in the character’s outfit or appearance. The most important thing is the gears in the game. With the help of coins, the players can easily unlock or buy them. The earning of coins is completely based on the efforts of players.

It can be collected as the reward money. The level of currency as a reward is based on the performance of players in the battle. The reward is decided on the basis of following points –

•         Number of rivals killed

•         Total time spent by player in the battle

 If you want to gather lots of currency then you should put more efforts and perform better in the battle.

Diamonds – the diamonds are considered as the premium currency of the game. The collection process or way of gathering it is so complicated. In the game, some specific events are organised by the developers and the reward of these events is in the form of diamonds. If we talk about the use of diamonds then there are several things or activities are available those are based on diamond. Following are some of them –

•         The players those are facing lack of coins they can convert diamonds into coins.

•         The in-game store includes some special items those cannot be unlocked with coins. These rare items are purchased by spending diamonds.

These are the uses of premium currency in the game. In the game, one more way is introduced by the developers which are helpful in gathering diamonds. For using this particular way, players are required to visit in-game store. In the store in-app purchase offers are available. To avail these offers you need to pay an amount of the real money. When you pay the tagged money then an amount of diamonds is credited to account immediately.

Spend currency wisely

From the above-mentioned information, you can easily get that how the collection of currency is difficult. The players are doing hard work for gathering the sufficient level of currency. Some players do not take decisions wisely after getting a huge amount. They spend the whole amount carelessly on useless things. If you want to do progress and win every battle then you should spend the currency wisely. You need to upgrade the beneficial accessories those help you in battle or unlock the beneficial one by using Rules of Survival Hack.