How To Win Any Battle In Clash Royale


Cannon Cart is in the upcoming 4 cards that will become part of the Clash Royale world. It was born in the battlefields of Clash of Clans, and in a short time he is preparing to start clashing in Clash Royale.

In short, it is an offensive mobile building that prefers defensive structures and crown towers. It is equipped investigate this site with a shield that allows it to withstand many attacks; generation will cost 5 units of elixir.

Let’s see how to use the Cannon Cart, and how to use its peculiarities in our favor. First of all, the Cannon is similar to a fusion between a Inferno Dragon and a Dark Prince, so it is possible to move it to the arena thanks to its wheels, and they will act as a first shield that will absorb the damage. At their destruction the Cannon will become static, as the one already in the classic edition, and will attack all the terrestrial troops that will face it.

It will be able to attack an enemy at a time, and between an attack and the other there will be a time span of 2 seconds. The best clash royale hack strategy is to use it in defense to destroy any threats and then aggregate it as a support at the time of your counterattack.

It would be good to make a combination of Tank, a unit able to attack a wide range of ground and air troops and Cannon Cart for 1 vs 1. Below is a list of the 10 best combo to use with Cannon Cart.